Sunraysia Rural Water Authority


Project: "C" Relift RTU Control Software
In 1995 Sunraysia Rural Water Authority (SRWA) commissioned a new pump station to supply 170 megalitres of water per day to service one third of the Redcliffs Irrigation District.

The pump station is remotely controlled using Motorola Moscad RTU's telemetry Back to a host Unix based SCADA system.

The pump station consisted of 4 x 715L/s 160Kw pump/motor sets run up to speed and modulated using one common variable frequency drive that is switched from pump to pump.

The pump station is required to run in three modes:

1. Local manual control of pump station output;

2. Local pressure control via PID with adjustable set point from host

3. Remote flow control.

GJC Engineers's Role
A number of Engineering companies had attempted to write the software for this pump station, but had been unsuccessful.

GJC were then commissioned to carry out the task.

As you may imagine it is not straightforward to ramp up pumps and then go direct on line (DOL) to the mains under closed loop control conditions.

Similarly, slowing down the pumps and reducing flow rate also required an intelligent control system.

GJC produced and programmed a strategy to do this with facilities to avoid PID controller wind up and successfully commissioned the plant for SRWA.

Client Statement
Many companies had unsuccessfully attempted to get this pump station working and GJC were able to program the plant and successfully meet all our requirements.

In addition, we were very impressed by GJC's commitment to the task, remaining on-site until the work was fully completed. Other companies had limited their site work to day trips and weekdays only, leaving before the work was completed.

We have just purchased a new SCADA software package from GJC and will work with them to replace our old expensive Unix based SCADA system.

Our previous experience with GJC was the main reason for selecting the upgrade software package that we did.

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Sunraysia Rural Water Authority
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