PLC5 to Controllogix

GJC has been involved in projects to convert old Rockwell PLC5 PLCs to ControlLogix PLCs. Many work floors and plants have PLC5 installed, and are facing the issue of old PLC parts are becoming obsolete. Rockwell has developed a method to upgrade PLC5 PLC to Controllogix PLCs and GJC has been helping many plants with their upgrades. A tool call Translate PLC5/SLC can be used to convert the PLC program to Logix5000 program. Normally about 80% of the PLC program is converted correctly, with minimal engineering hours required for the programmers. The remaining 20% are mainly configuration parameters, PID control and other complicated function blocks that required the programmer to re-configure.

Conversion to ControlLogix

If client required a test on the PLC program before does the hardware change over, we can install a 1794-RIO card on a temporary ControlLogix Rack with the Logix5000 Program. The ControlLogix PLC will control the PLC5 system while just the PLC5 PLC been taken offline. If there are issue or problem with Converted Logix5000 program, we are able to quickly put the PLC5 PLC back online. Once the software is proven to be working. We can start the hardware change over. The PLC5 IO card mount first need to be remove, all existing wiring are still connected to the Mounts.


Then remove the PLC 5 Rack and mount the IO converting kit. Connect all the PLC IO Mounts to the kit.

PLC5 Conversion

Mount the Control Logix PLC rack on top of the converting Kit and connect them up with the Rockwell provided cables.

PLC5 Conversion

Last we can turn on the power and download the converted program and begin the tests before putting the production back online. This upgrade helps the client upgrade their existing old system to the latest. Minimise the cost of keeping old spare parts and facing stoppage in production when the PLC5 system failed. The conversion production is done in a way that minimise engineering cost and minimise downtime for the plant.